24 Hour Care For The Elderly In Their Own Home

24 hour care for the elderly in their own home
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Looking after your older adults can be a stressful and a complicated job – that’s where love comes in.  It’s a time-consuming and a challenging endeavor. As your seniors get older or have a medical emergency, they may require help to live independently. Getting them to a nursing home or hiring in-home caregivers are two options. Alternatively, 24 hour care for the elderly in their own home is an option gaining popularity.

However, studies shows that 90% of the elderly would prefer to live in their house. The familiarity with their home gives them comfort.

24 Hour Care for the Elderly in Their Own Home 2

Moving out to a nursing or assisted living community means starting over, and to some extent sharing a room with a stranger. That’s why healthcare professionals recommend health care services for the elderly in their own home. Some of the tell-tale signs that show your elderly parents need extra help include:

  • Frequent illness
  • Lack is interest in their normal activities
  • Failure to take medication correctly
  • Frequent falls
  • Difficulty moving around
  • Failing memory
  • Losing weight

Good news is that you can get 24-hour in-home care for your parents. But you also need to consider the finances as the needs of the seniors will be challenging. Consider the kind of assistance they will need during the day and who will provide this.

24 Hour Care for the Elderly in Their Own Home

Finding the best In-home Caregiver

In-home health care for older adults can be a great relief and a source of comfort. Caregivers can come home for a couple of days in a week to help the elderly with chores like housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation or giving them companionship. Professional health caregivers can provide exceptional care that will eventually improve the mood and the overall health of the person who requires their services.

Home Care Employment Agencies are a great source of getting help for people seeking home care health aides and nurses. Clients can contact and hire the caregivers and pay them directly. The advantage of home care employment is that agencies train and supervise caregivers. This ensures that they give exceptional services to the elderly.

Factors to Consider When Hiring In-Home Care Services for the Elderly

  • Services offered – Get to know the services provided by the caregivers. Helping with the daily routine activities and meals are some of the major options to consider, some of the care providers will help in cooking, doing laundry, and grocery shopping. However, the level of assistance varies. Getting an agency that provides 24 hour care for the elderly in their own home will be a great relief both for you and your parents.
  • Types of the Caregivers– For example, if the seniors have mental health issues, they may a professional nurse trained in that field. On top of that, the care provider should be in a position to prepare meals or even help the elderly with bathing and grooming. If the client is in a surgery recovery process, they may need a nurse who will monitor their health and medical equipment.
  • Cost – 24 hour care for the elderly in their own home is relatively cheaper than being in a nursing home. Some medical facilities charge almost $90,000 a year. The cost varies from state to state and family to family.

Find professional help from experts to ensure your loved ones get exceptional 24 hour care for the elderly in their own home.

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