Best CPAP Machines of the Year

The Best CPAP Machines
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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy provides a less invasive (obstructive sleep apnea) OSA treatment so you never run out of breath. Highly developed appliances have out-crowded traditional models with an uncomfortable, claustrophobic mask and a noisy console. We pinpointed unique systems steeped in an intuitive and more compact design, rendering portable benefits. Only the best CPAP machines should dovetail into your lifestyle demands.

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When cross-comparing these devices, you should consider a cluster of factors. Price, size, humidifier system, mast compatibility, and built-in functions will come into play. Also, check what is included in the packaging for all the bells and whistles that give the best bang for your buck. See our top 10 picks for the best CPAP machines available today:


1. Z1 Best CPAP Machine Base System-Ultra-Portable & Light

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Human Design Medical has become the industry’s pillar and force for forward-looking innovations. The brains behind the Z1® platform have gone the extra mile to tail off every ounce of weight.

One of the greatest concerns raised by users is the high pressure exerted by the devices leaving them out of wind. A proprietary Z-Breathe™ algorithm in the Z1 lets you breathe without the knock-on effects of spikes or drops at constant pressure resulting in a cozy therapy.

With an all-round built-in battery grid, it represents the cream of the market’s cordless solutions. The ramp function nurses you through by incrementally increasing pressure setting levels to hit your desired level within a 45-minute cycle.

Throw your snooze to refreshingly new heights with a disposable Humidification Exchange filter. The waterless humidification in-between the unit and tube softens the air. The filters will drain off all the moisture and heat while readjusting humidity levels to your individual needs.

However, it has not redressed all the shortcomings of the best cpap machines such as dehydration, nosebleed, bloating, skin rashes, and eye irritation.

Enjoy unrestrained mask compatibility thanks to the universal tube adaptor. Automatic Leak Compensation gets leakage issues off your chest as it detects and offsets the impacts. Automatic Altitude Compensation makes it airplane-friendly.

All in all, the Z1 Base System means you can now nestle down with the peace of mind. It works like magic in only a fraction of the footprint. But sleepers still have to brace for some of the stresses and strains typical to these machines.

  • Faster results, better usability, hairsplitting accuracy, and ease-of-use,
  • Bright LCD display tracks data
  • Ultra-light device tipping the scales at only 10 ounces
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Battery-powered and cord-free
  • Incompatible with other brands’ filters, components and supplies


2. DreamStation CPAP Machine-Revolutionary and User-Friendly

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Next, we turn to an-award winning apparatus that clinched the 2016 iF Design Award. The DreamStation hugs you goodnight with the vacation-quality slumber.

It boasts C-Flex technology for optimal all-night comfort. It balances pressure during exhalation for a more natural respiratory sensation. Three-level settings allow you to adjust to your comfort or turn off altogether.

The SmartRamp kicks traditional ramps a notch higher. The machine monitors your apnea events at the ramp phase. It also tweaks pressure once it detects an event without decreasing or exceeding the prescribed level. If you thirst for a befitting system, this nippy tool synchronizes to your specific apnea demands.

The DreamStation stands out with built-in wireless applications, via Bluetooth. This mobile self-management tool means you can set your goals, receive status reports, informative videos, and improve compliance and therapy result.

Onto the price-performance ratio, the product may not appeal those who have put a premium on their budget. The flip side of high-end models is their expensive price tags.

Whisper-quiet technology keeps things down to a dull roar at dead of night for restful and comfortable sleep. The CPAP-Check mode is another plus bonus. It runs surveillance every 30 hours to maintain optimal therapeutic benefits.

You can hardly spot any hidden sins in this product. The algorithm used to stall apnea events works with clockwork accuracy.  The only setback is the humidifier as it holds less water than other devices.

  • C-Flex renders optimal comfort
  • Lightweight and slimmer profile means stackable travel gear
  • User-friendly configuration with front-facing easy accessibility
  • Convenient filter replacement reminders
  • WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth-compatible
  • Tank sustains short-lived sleep then it runs dry and gets battered down prematurely


3. APEX XT Fit CPAP Machine-Compact and Budget-Friendly

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Now we dart a glance at the APEX, which is a smart option for travelers due to its ultra-light and palm-sized stature. While dwarfed by other models in its class (size-wise), the XT Fit delivers the high efficiency you find in its larger counterparts in the best cpap machines category.

This is a pearl of great price with revolutionary features as a travel companion. It saves space with its compact profile. You also get modern features like ramp pressure settings for babying you throughout the night. It also comes with an illuminated display to project stats in low-light environments.

Another flagpole for this product is the manual altitude adjustment to help you nod off en-route. It meets your pressure demands for safe flights at high altitudes if you’re the well-traveled user. Expect ease of use from the compact profile and simple power cord.

Performance-wise, this little piece of equipment packs quite a punch. It works with a single pressure for transportable benefits. You encounter a crowd of elements that place it in a class of its own including functions omitted by other entry-level devices.

This machine easily finds its place in a fast-paced world because of its pocket-sized makeup. Though it could still be upgraded, it will not empty your wallet and it’s extremely stackable to take anywhere. Of course, no breathing device is perfect and this APEX XT Fit cannot endure repetitive mis-treatments. Keep it as a spare and last resort in case of an emergency.

  • Available at cheap twice the price
  • Advanced data display
  • Compatible with overseas power outlets
  • Heated humidifier option for a more comfortable therapy
  • Perfect for travel
  • Extremely bright light and noise may be a concern for your partner


4. Transcend EZEX CPAP Machine-Extremely Quiet & User-Friendly


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For starters, Transcend tips the balance but does not hit the one pound mark. The manufacturer has carved out a niche pushing out small, lightweight and innovative clinical devices in the world. The product is light years ahead of its rivals with breakthrough technologies.

The newly developed cpap device is centered on your mobile lifestyle. It has a small profile that fits in the palm of your hands. The ultra-quiet and vibration-proof apparatus meets your travel or nocturnal requirements while it doesn’t break the bank. Whether on-the-go or living in the fast lane, it’s engineered to pack and carry outdoors hassle-free.

Unbelivable Features for Incredible CPAP Machines

Despite its small size, the Transcend EZEX comes as a fully-featured fixed pressure cpap with relief on exhalation supported by proprietary technology. One of the key differences from the best cpap machines competition is its portable power with a solar battery charger and a DC mobile adaptor. It means you can get it up and running right off the bat.

Transcend was generous enough to include essentials. You get a travel case, standard 6-ft tubing, universal hose adapter, USB cable, and universal power supply.

The Transcend Waterless Humidification works wonders in reducing the bulkiness of the system. The heated humidifier has a modicum of the footprint and five setting. It makes monitoring sleep apnea therapy a cushy job by gathering and transmitting data.

  • Super-lightweight and compact design
  • Quiet and vibration free therapy
  • TranSyc tracks and archives therapy through cloud or a PC
  • Provides pressure relief on exhalation
  • Automatically readjusts to altitude
  • Small size means you can misplace or lose it easily


5. DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP Machine-A Breath of Innovation

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Now we turn to a brand that has always been a heroic symbol of clinical devices’ innovation. DeVilbiss has a long history dating back in the late 19th century as a world leader in the design and manufacture of respiratory products. The pioneer of the company Dr. Allen DeVilbiss patented the first atomizer about 120 years ago.

When DeVilbiss unveiled the newly-improved DeVilbiss IntelliPAP, it piqued curiosity in the clinical world as the company has a name for reliability and performance. The SmartCode and SmartLink data tracking are too beguiling to ignore.

It is the flagship model in the IntelliPAP range steeped in a human-oriented design meant to keep everything at your fingertips. The fixed pressure device ranges from 3 cm to 20 cm in a minimalist and humble concept but yet super-efficient. It comes with a visual “mask off”, which activates or deactivates the flow of air when you inhale and remove the mask respectively.

However, don’t get your bowels in an uproar about it as it lacks apnea event detection and the SmartFlex Exhale Pressure Relief. The delay pressure ramp eases off the machine to render comfort during therapy time to help you nod off without random fluctuations.

Another remarkable feature of the invention is the SmartCode compliance tracking that sifts out data for transmission to a clinician. You can use a memory card for intuitive data retrieval.

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Minimalist and high-efficiency engineering
  • Optional humidification mates to device easily
  • Intuitive data tracking algorithm
  • Comfortable and consistent therapy
  • Lacks exhalation pressure relief and this may affect airflow


6. DreamStation CPAP with Humidifier-Advanced Auto-Adjusting Therapy

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The future of cpap is innovative and promising as witnessed by ground-breaking inventions always coming down the pike. This all-new DreamStation CPAP with Humidifier is the harvest of decades of painstaking research and correspondence with sleep apnea patients across the globe.

Philips Respironics has upped comfort and is highly responsive for optimal therapy impacts. The sleek, ultra-quiet device boasts event detection and automatic algorithms that predict and respond to your therapy demands. Further, It comes with a humidifier so you can reap the benefits of moisturized air. This inhibits dryness and irritation by infusing moisture into the airflow.

Impressive Interface To Make the Best CPAP Machines List

This brainchild incorporates controls and a high-contrast front-facing interface for better visibility on your nightstand. It befits those who have a bubbly personality as it is compatible with Bluetooth, Cellular and WiFi. The Daily Progress Feedback summary lets you confirm if the device has worked overnight along with weekly progress.

As for construction, it comes in a lightweight body crafted to suppress noise making it ideal for travel. Of course we cannot forget the rugged, easy-to-connect top-mount tubing connections that will stand the test of all time.

The Respironics DreamStation offers a modern-looking device with a variety of advanced functions that improve therapy efficiency and comfort. Sure, it may outsize compacted models but it outshines them as an accessory in sleep apnea therapy by curbing dryness and congestion.

  • Effective treatment for sleep apnea
  • User friendly operability and troubleshooting
  • Lightweight and portable for convenient travel
  • Automatic algorithms readjust to patients needs
  • Whisper-silent 30 db noise level
  • Restricted sleep mobility due to top-mount tubing connections



7. DreamStation CPAP with Humidifier and Heated Tube-Intelligent and Refined

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Philips Respironics has pushed out even more options to broaden your shopping horizons. The DreamStation lineup hosts many siblings in a lightweight and ultra-quiet build suitable for the well-travelled users. This icon of versatility has all you need in one, including a Humidifier and Heated Tubing.

The user-friendly device works like a magic but there are limits to what it can do for you. This new kid on the block to the DreamStation line automatically tweaks the optimal pressure depending on your breath rather than being stuck to a fixed setting. Advanced event detection and automatic algorithms anticipate and respond to your therapy demands.

But you will frown on the price tag if you have planned a shoestring budget. This is justified for a top-of-the-line product in the best cpap machines category. Additionally, advanced technology and premium-grade materials impart a superior quality feel.

The cherry on the top for this product is the heated humidifier and tubing. The Heated Humidifier snaps into the unit and boasts dry box technology to prevent water from seeping into the machine. The Heated Tubing enhances therapy comfort by maintaining heat and moisture. These components work in sync to render moisturized airflow for better comfort.

Overall, this DreamStation deserves its princely price tag. We confirm you won’t be buying a pig in a poke. You milk professional-grade apnea therapy benefits at this high price point.

  • C-Flex for added comfort
  • Sleek and easy to clean
  • Auto-adjusting for optimum pressure and comfortable sleep
  • Bluetooth connectivity for data transmission
  • Heated humidifier mounts to the machine to create a unified assembly
  • High price point


8. DreamStation Auto CPAP with Humidifier-Quiet Dreamland

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Calming thoughts flash across your mind whenever the DreamStation series drifts you off to dreamland. This is what you get from this sibling in an ever-evolving lineup. All products in this range offer excellent comfort, intelligent tracking, motivation and feedback.

Users make a beeline for this generation’s seamless connectivity to your care team promoting cross-pollination of patient data. It tips the scales at 4.37 lbs while it’s dwarfed by the System One series from Respironics.

Navigation Dial For The Best CPAP Machines

An outstanding and sizable navigation dial for intuitive and convenient operation improves ease of use. The bright, front-facing display with straightforward menus, profiles, and labels makes operations a breeze. Also, an ambient light sensor tweaks display brightness automatically in line with light levels in your room.

The DreamStation Auto cpap machine oversees your breathing for flow constraints and adapts them. By automatically tweaking therapy at night, it maintains optimum pressure for optimal comfort getting all concerns off your chest. An optional Opti-Start function kicks off the therapy at 90% of the pressure archived in the previous session to help redress events that arise early in your apnea therapy.

It also integrates a humidifier with preheat options in a modular design with a dishwasher-friendly chamber. In all, it is at the bleeding edge of technology with SmartRamp, advanced data, Flex Comfort, Mask Fit Check, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Smaller and lighter
  • User-friendly, advanced display and large dial
  • High-gloss, easy to clean design
  • Whisper-quiet below 30 db noise level
  • WiFi and cellular-supported technology
  • Lacks a filter leaving airflow vulnerable to foreign particulates


9. Respironics DreamStation Go CPAP Machine-For On-the-Go and Well-Traveled Users

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The Dream Family keeps on growing with new members diversifying this series for the unbridled variety. This DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine hits stores as the latest smash hit weighing merely 1.86 pounds. It meets your demands on the go and complies with FAA requirements for in-flight application. Consider it when looking for the best cpap machines on the market.

As the smallest, lightest travel device in the market, you can range all over hell and half of Georgia but still catch some Z’s. Equipped with the optional battery, you have the social license to go anywhere. We recommend it for camping, vacation and a backup if power fades.

With the DreamStation Go, it cuts weight down to the bone with only 1/3 fewer parts contained in other travel machines. The ultra-compact piece of equipment measures half the dimensions of the System One and DreamStation without sacrificing performance. Nevertheless, this makes it incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The box comes with the unit, AC power cord, tube and filter.

Technology is another arena where Philips Respironics doesn’t lag behind. It is compatible with branded DreamMapper technology. Have your fling monitoring your regimen and progress with Bluetooth enabled smart technology. A highly developed micro-flexible tube without 58% mass minimizes bulk. The click-connect side cuff improves connection of the mask tube.

With that said, the ultra-portable apparatus squarely answers the description of travelling freaks. Enjoy clinically-proven therapy without putting off your trips.

  • Built-in power supply
  • Intelligent color display, quick setup and navigation
  • FAA compliant for in-flight use
  • Bluetooth-enabled , USB charging port and micro SD Card
  • Travel-size with only 1/3 of staple components
  • Not suitable for repetitive cycles but good spare


10. Transcend Mini CPAP-Ultra-Portable & Travel-Friendly

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Lastly, we put the Transcend Mini under the microscope to determine if lives up to its reputation. Transcend takes pride in designing devices centered on your mobile lifestyle so you can hit the sack anywhere.

The company has popular merchandise for those bitten by the travel bug. Simply put, a soda-can dwarfs this top of the range machine. Transcend remains in the catbird seat when it comes to engineering and technology meant to revolutionize the administration of therapy to patients.

Humidification Therapy in the Best CPAP Machines

Transcend created a fixed-pressure and water-less humidification therapy removing the hassle of carrying bulky gear for cordless nights en-route with branded P8 Travel Battery. If you love to go off the grid, the optional solar battery will do the trick. Plug it into a DC outlet in the comfort of your home.

The unit generates 29 db of sound facilitating restful and peaceful sleep. Even for side-sleepers. While users gravitate to the small size, the ability to meet prescribed pressure demands of up to 20 cm H20 is the selling point.

The ramp function allows you to acclimate into therapy by getting started with minimum pressure and gradually increasing to your desired setting. Furthermore, TranSync app helps in data tracking, retrieval and transmission.

All in all, the Transcend Mini carves out a comfortable sleeping nook throughout your journey. It’s the go-to best cpap machines tool for dyed-in-the-wool travelers.

  • Versatile off-grid power options
  • Lightweight and slim profile
  • Displays AHI and leaks for improved efficiency
  • Vibration-proof and ultra-quiet
  • Compatible with any 6-ft standard hose and masks
  • Lacks exhale pressure relief


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best CPAP Machines

Health experts recommend CPAP therapy for patients with OSA. The machines represent a valuable and pricey investment. You have to get down to the details, brand and model before purchasing. But it all boils down to your personal requirements.

Cross-cutting factors for all shoppers include pressure settings, ramp time, humidification, noise level, hose, and power source. Below, we have collated the shopping considerations and hacks for people with OSA.

Ease of Use

Operative interface and technology influences the level of comfort. Automatic controls to tweak to shifting breathing patterns, altitude, and apnea events add even more convenience. Newer models integrate advanced and user-friendly functions for easy troubleshooting and operation.

Size and Weight

Most CPAP machines have an ultra-compact profile that snugly fits into your travelling bag without adding bulk. If you face bedroom space constraints, go for a pocket-sized one. Super-lightweight devices facilitate long-distance travel. A majority come with a carrying case.

Operating Pressure Range

Apnea patients typically require airflow ranging between 6 and 14 cm H2O. Most machines render an airflow rate from 4 to 20 cm H2O. You should explore the variety of products to identify operating pressure settings aligned to your individual demands.


While the waterless humidification camp celebrates slimmer profiles, built-in or retractile humidifiers prevent dryness along with other symptoms. Humidifier capacity should sway your choice as sizable units accommodate more water for more prolonged operations.

Operating Altitude

Manual or automatic altitude adjustment allows users to aim for the skies. However, you’ve to operate within the recommended altitude as exceeding the mark affects the efficiency of pressurized air.

Best CPAP Machines: Sleep Data

Top of the range models integrate smart technology that regulates sleep patterns and archives troves of data. They display this data on a screen or via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. Therapeutic data such as pressure, duration, and ramp time play an instrumental role in clinical rehabilitation.

Final Verdict on Selecting the Best CPAP Machines

The DreamStation series tops our charts for extremely revolutionary features and advanced technologies. The C-Flex technology diminishes pressure during exhalation for more natural breathing. This Bluetooth-compatible lineup pairs with DreamMapper to track sleeping trends. These devices keep data within easy reach on a crisp LCD display.

Thanks to the compact, lightweight, and extremely whisper-silent operation, narrowing down this lineup for travellers was quite straightforward. High-end models include a humidifier and preheat function throwing comfort levels a notch above the rest. Finally, owners can customize the ramp time and tweak settings to meet their individual demands. This concludes our list of the best cpap machines of the year.


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