Free Incontinence Supplies for Seniors

free incontinence supplies for seniors
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A staggering 50% of community-dwelling seniors have incontinence. Unfortunately, this limits some aspects of their lives. The older adults affected do go to great lengths to hide and deny incontinence. Sadly, this can pose psychological and physical inhibitions to the enjoyment of life. Further, seniors do not get comfortable discussing it with medical staff or relatives. However, it’s crucial if your loved one does have delinquency in getting to the bathroom on time that they should seek help. So, is it really possible to obtain free incontinence supplies for seniors?

Free Incontinence Supplies for Seniors - Is It Possible?

How Doctors Can Help Seniors with Incontinence

First of all, seniors and elderly with bowel or bladder problem should be thoroughly examined by a professional.  This specialist should be in a position to answer various questions related to incontinence. Further, they should also be able to provide possible solutions. Importantly, the patients should be treated with sensitivity. It can be a distressing time for the seniors. Our elders should be made to feel easy and comfortable as possible at all times. Some of the ways to help the patients include:

  • Let the older adults know that these bowel and bladder problems are common and should not feel ashamed of it
  • Drinking more fluids to aid constipation is of great importance
  • The person should stop smoking as smoking can make the bladder to be over-active
  • Reduction in taking caffeine can be really helpful
  • Kegel’s, also known as pelvic floor muscle exercises, aims at strengthening the blander sphincter which is effective in treating urinary incontinence
  • There are incontinence supplies on sale in various leading chemists and supermarkets, as well as on different websites like Amazon. Most of these supplies are in the form of pull-up pants. Therefore, they can be worn as underwear.


Free Incontinence Supplies for Seniors

Suffering from incontinence is not only physically and psychologically sensitive but also expensive. In addition to basic purchases to meet physical needs, the patient’s budget to keep diapers in hand – constantly – can be challenging.

Luckily, there are various cases in which Medicare or Medicaid will cover incontinence supplies. When reviewing a healthcare plan, be keen to check the plan’s summary of the accorded benefits. Medicaid covers incontinence supplies in most states – but not all. If you qualify for the Medicaid coverage, contact customer services in your state to find out your state’s guidelines.

So, is it possible to get free Incontinence Supplies for Seniors?

YES! For families who don’t have a medical cover and working on a tight budget, there is another viable solution to obtain free incontinence supplies.

Diaper banks are the new saviors for the seniors who cannot afford to buy adult diapers and other incontinence goods. Just like food banks, diaper banks distribute their products via religious organizations like churches, school family resource centers and local non-profit agencies. However, due to eligibility restrictions and responsibilities, incontinence products are not distributed directly to the patients. Interested individuals should contact the apt local agency to obtain the supplies for the person in need.

Some of the diaper banks include;

Whether you suffer complete bladder evacuation or occasional leaks, there is an extensive range of supplies to meet all incontinence needs. There is a product that is just right for your specific problem.

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