4 Fun Activities for Homebound Seniors

fun activities for homebound seniors
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For seniors who are homebound due to injury, illness, or mobility limitations they may find life not being exciting and full as it was. Luckily, there is a wide range of fun activities for homebound seniors to keep them busy, engaged and active.

Life does not have to be boring. Health care providers and family members should make extra efforts to keep elderly folks entertained and active to avoid depression or being lonely from setting in.

What Are Some Of The Fun Activities For Homebound Seniors?

Fun activities can contribute to and enhance their well-being and overall health. We have compiled a few ideas that will keep your older adults happy and rejuvenated.

1. Host a Small Party

fun activities for homebound seniors

Elderly people who are homebound often feel isolated from family and friends. In most cases depression sets in due to loneliness. Hosting a small party can bring both friends and family members to enjoy a little socialization. It should, however, be a simple get-together to avoid overwhelming the elderly, and close relatives should also foot some expenses. On the other hand, caregivers can keep on updating the family with the plans and also keep the party organized.

2. Fitness

fun activities for homebound seniors

Homebound seniors are still required to stay in shape, active, and flexible. A set of light hand weights are ideal for upper-body exercises. Calf raises and light ankle weights will keep their legs strong. More so, there are senior aerobics, yoga or Pilates DVDs to aid in bone strength and flexibility. Elderly people can find motivation by hosting an exercise group at home and work out together with other seniors. It also encourages socialization. But, can we really say fitness would be one of the top choices for fun activities for homebound seniors?

3. Play Board Cards and Games

fun activities for homebound seniors

It’s time to play! Mental stimulation, joy, and amusement are essential for every older adult’s overall well-being. Old-fashioned board games provide expedient ways to have fun, relieve stress, and eradicate boredom. Furthermore, playing games make social engagements easier, less intimidating, and more enjoyable. Some of the senior games include Rummikub, Ticket to Ride, and Qwirkle.  And since board games are played sitting down, they’re ideal for seniors with limited mobility. Generations have celebrated card games for their ability to facilitate memorable conversations and to enhance relaxing recreation. Seniors are likely to have tons of fun.

4. Online activities

fun activities for homebound seniors

Technology advancement may be a darling to young ones, but today the online world is frequented by people of all age sets. Social sites and online gaming are also popular with seniors. For instance, Facebook is one of the social media sites that attract millions of people. Since its launch in 2014, the site remains the best platform to keep in touch with friends and family members. The caregiver will use the homecare software program to create an account for the elderly. However, the platform is volatile, and you should be careful when sharing sensitive information.

YouTube is another excellent online platform that has tutorial videos for everything. Older adults who enjoy cooking or knitting can learn new kitchen tricks and how to stitch patterns from the videos provided. Those who love cars, games, and sports can enjoy them from YouTube. There are also comedy contents that will leave seniors in stitches. Laughter is a mood booster and a great source of stress relief.

Being homebound should never be boring and stressful. With a little effort and imagination, older adults can have a satisfying and thrilling life with some fun activities for homebound seniors.

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